Good Growth

The Good Growth Company
A new paradigm: business for the planet
Good Growth is a system for the integration of human wellbeing with the health of the planet.
The Good Growth Company is a business to create that integration.
A system to combat climate change and species extinction through a commercially sustainable model.
A business to restore nature. Prioritising environmental outcomes. The world's first "for planet" business.
We integrate long term ecosystem regeneration with products made from the optimum mix of natural materials in each place. Our products - what they are and the volumes we make - are determined by what's good for the ecosystem: what restores natural balance and also provides a livelihood for the people in each place.
This is a replicable model that can be applied to ecosystems all over the world.
The system is designed from the ecosystem out, not the market in. This small change turns conventional business orthodoxy on its head, putting regeneration of places at the head of the business model.
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