Unless we find a better growth model we're all f*cked

Why Good Growth

Growth through ever greater scale is killing us.

The reckless dash for scale to maximise investment returns is incompatible with a finite ecology - a legacy of an outdated industrial system that remains hardwired into business.

The pursuit of scale leads to supply chains being treated solely as costs to be squeezed for the benefit of a few dominant participants; their potential to create systemic value ignored. . . .

. . . even as ever greater distance is created between consumer and producer, communities are turned into worker camps, and havoc wreaked on the environment.

Meanwhile unbridled exhibitionist consumption, bewildering inequality, and societal fragmentation is causing us all to be much more miserable than we should be.

What is Good Growth?

Any new economic model has to step back and take a holistic view of prosperity and planet as part of one whole system. Growth has to be seen as growth in value, not scale; “value” in its fullest definition, not the narrow “price” view of business management and economics; healthy profits as an outcome, not the purpose.

There’s a movement of great minds developing macro theories for this new kind of economic model that is designed to restore not extract. It is called many things: capitalism 2.0, post growth, regenerative economics etc.  But so far there has been precious little effort in working out how it all works at a micro level.

That’s what the Good Growth Company is all about - developing and proving ways to make the new economics work on the ground.

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